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TU Graz Field Robotics Team TEDUSAR

Research and development of robotics for use in challenging and unstructured areas, such as disaster areas: the members of the robotics team are united by their fascination with robots – autonomous robots that are able to go about their tasks independently and without help from outside.

Team TEDUSAR (Technology and EDucation for Urban Search And Rescue robots) develops autonomous search and exploration robots to support emergency teams in disaster situations. In this environment they have to deal with several challenges: unstructured physical environments, automatic creation of maps, autonomous collection of information.

The team regularly takes part in international competitions. The team also takes part in exercises with emergency professionals such as the fire brigade, in order to test the use of robots in disaster situations.

Team Leader Michael Stradner, Source: Stradner
Michael Stradner, Team Leader

I am convinced that outstanding engineering can only be done in a team. The team is where we build up each other's motivation and grow our skills. Working with robotics can be hard; problems and hurdles keep cropping up. This makes a functioning team even more important. The real art of robotics is not in the individual specialties but in the whole composition made by all the members together.


  • Name: TU Graz Field Robotics Team TEDUSAR  
  • Tasks: Development of robotics for use in challenging and unstructured areas
  • Address:
    Inffeldgasse 10/2
    8010 Graz  
  • Contact:

  • YouTube-Channel
  • Target group: interested students of all fields

Services for Students

  • Exchange of ideas with researchers from different disciplines in robotics and artificial intelligence
  • Participation in regional and international events where teams with their robots compete against one another (e.g. the  RoboCup Rescue League)
  • Projects and theses



Do you want to be part of the TU Graz Field Robotics Team TEDUSAR? Then send us an email or come to the robotics lab and see everything in real life.