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Graz BCI Racing Team - Mirage 91

Brain controls computer! Navigating an avatar as fast as possible through an obstacle course using brain signals is the aim of the BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) Racing Team “Mirage 91” at TU Graz. A special electrode cap measures brain signals, translating them into technical control signals by means of sophisticated signal processing equipment and software.

The Racing Team “MIRAGE 91” (Motor Imagery Racing Graz) founded in 2014 brings together students of a range of different disciplines. Working as a team with paraplegics (“pilots”), a system is developed that allows people to control a computer or a computer game using only their thoughts.

The focus is on developing different BCI systems in order to help people with a disability to achieve greater autonomy. Brain signals are used to substitute lost body functions.

Team member David Steyrl about his team:

Real science fiction! We make controlling things with your mind a reality. But before mind control systems become widely available, there are a lot of practical problems to be solved. That’s precisely the goal of the Cybathlon. To promote and enhance practical application of assistive technologies in competitions. Our team took part in the world’s first Cybathlon and we are really looking forward to new competitions in future.


  • Name: Graz BCI Racing Team - Mirage 91  
  • Tasks:  To develop BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) applications to participate in international championships  
  • Address:
    Institute of Neural Engineering
    Graz University of Technology
    Stremayrgasse 16/IV
    8010 Graz
  • Contact:

  • Video: "Cybathlon 2016: BCI Racing"
  • YouTube channel about the Cybathlon 2016
  • Target group: interested students of all fields

Services for Students

  • Membership in one of the leading BCI research teams
  • Access to the latest scientific findings in this field
  • Hands-on knowledge gain in various areas: in general biomedical engineering, specifically in fields of (real-time) signal processing, machine learning and neurophysiology
  • Enhancement of soft skills including team organisation, team funding and team motivation
  • Direct, personal contact to researchers and pilots
  • Write a bachelor’s / master’s dissertation within the scope of this activity
  • Participation in an international competition such as the Cybathlon


Participation in the 2016 Cybathlon, the international championships for robot-assisted parathletes in Zürich – discipline: Brain-Computer Interface Race


It doesn’t matter what course your are taking – all students are welcome who like to work in a team and wish to contribute their skills. The tasks are very diverse – ranging from specific technical to organisational matters.

If you are interested, just contact  mirage91noSpam@tugraz.at or visit one of the meetings (usually every Tuesday at 5pm, Stremayrgasse 16/4).