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Equivalence with Austrian Secondary-School Leaving Certificates

The secondary-school leaving certificates of the following categories of applicants for studies are treated as though they were issued in Austria:

  • Persons who are beneficiaries of privileges and immunities, as well as persons who are resident outside Austria because they are in the service of the Republic of Austria and have immunities and privileges there, as well as the their spouses and children.
    Required proof: Diplomatic ID card
  • Foreign journalists who are accredited in Austria and working full-time, as well as their spouses and children.
    Required proof: Journalist ID card
  • Persons who have had their principal residence (in German: Hauptwohnsitz, i.e. the primary centre of their daily & usual life activities) in Austria for at least the 5 years leading up to the application, without interruption, and their dependents.
    Required proof:

    • Up-to-date confirmation of principal residence in Austria from the register of residents or
    • Up-to-date confirmation of insurance periods from the social insurance provider and
    • if applicable, the marriage and/or birth certificate

  • Persons who have been awarded a grant for the studies applied for on the basis of bilateral treaties or from an Austrian regional or local government body.
    Required proof: Letter confirming award of a grant
  • Persons who have secondary-school leaving certificates of the type Reifezeugnis/Matura from Austrian schools abroad.
  • Persons who are entitled to reside in the territory of the Republic of Austria pursuant to Sections 3, 8, 13 or 75 subsections 5 und 6 of the Austrian Asylum Act (in German: Asylgesetz), as currently amended, or pursuant to earlier regulations on asylum.
    Required proof: positive decree/identity card demonstrating refugee status under the Geneva Convention, or asylum application card.
  • Persons from South Tyrol, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg


If your secondary-school leaving certificate is defined as equivalent to an Austrian one, send your secondary-school leaving certificate and the relevant document in proof of this status (as listed above) to the Registration Office of TU Graz at the same time as you submit your Application for Admission.

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