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Overview: Scholarships for Students

TU Graz and its cooperation partners support students with a range of grants. If you achieve outstanding results in your studies, write an excellent thesis or are planning a study trip abroad, then you can apply!

TU Graz 100

100 scholarships for Bachelor's and Master's students from various disciplines

TU Graz promotes young talents from Austria and abroad in cooperation with companies. Within the framework of the TU Graz 100 programme, 100 scholarships are awarded per year for bachelor's and master's students in a wide range of disciplines at TU Graz.

Further Information: TU Graz 100

Degree Completion Scholarship for Working Students

TU Graz is awarding a degree completion scholarship aimed to provide financial support to working students facing tuition fees to help them finish their degree programmes.

All students of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programmes at TU Graz who are either self-employed or employed, and meet the requirements, may apply for a scholarship of 500 euros per semester.

Further information: Degree Completion Scholarship

Merit-Based Scholarship

Students of TU Graz with above-average results can apply for a merit-based scholarship. Each faculty awards annual scholarships of 750 to 1500 Euro.

More information for students of TU Graz on how to apply is available on the page of each Dean's Office in the intranet TU4U.

Thesis Scholarship

Students of TU Graz can apply for thesis scholarships for writing master’s and doctoral theses. Each faculty awards two thesis scholarships, of 750 to 3.600 Euro, per year.

More information for students of TU Graz on how to apply is available on the page of each Dean's Office the intranet TU4U.

Best of South-East Scholarship

The Best of South-East Scholarship is sponsored by Steiermärkische Sparkasse together with TU Graz and is open to students from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia with good results in their studies. Winners receive a grant of 750 EUR per month for a year at TU Graz and a 2-moth internship in the summer. The scholarship is advertised once a year by Steiermärkische Sparkasse.

Application deadline: each year on 12 December for the following academic year

Further information: Best of South-East

Grants for Study Abroad

Students of TU Graz can apply for a number of different grants for foreign study and research visits.

Further information for students of TU Graz is available in the intranet TU4U.