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Thanks for the large number of applications!

Applications for Be the Face of TU Graz 2018/2019 are now closed. Big thanks to everyone who sent in an application – we have lots to choose from!

Now the jury has to get to work. They will select the seven winners – and all winners will be notified by e-mail.

If you are not selected this year, you can try again, when we will be choosing our next faces of TU Graz. All seven winners of this year will be portrayed at this page from January 2019.

Collage of faces and hands of students in black and red boxes. Source: Marija Kanizaj – TU Graz

Did you know that...

... our faces represent TU Graz online and offline for one year?
... our faces take part in professional photo shoots?
... our faces will receive City of Graz vouchers and TU Graz promotional articles as a small thank-you?
... there will be another chance to be a face of TU Graz soon?

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The Faces 2017/2018

I am studying at TU Graz...

Source: Kanizaj - TU Graz

... because I can make creative decisions as an architect, which have positive effects on many people during their daily lives.

I am highly creative but also interested in technology. In particular, I like the fact that we learn a lot about our craft at the beginning of our studies – that is, how to draw, model and build things. As an architect, I want to affect peoples’ lives in the future, and hopefully in a positive way!

Johanna Maierhofer, 19 | Architecture

Source: Kanizaj - TU Graz

... because sewage disposal, good roads and railway networks benefit people directly, especially in less well-developed areas.

Even when I was still at school, I already knew that I wanted to study civil engineering. I’m particularly interested in the construction of infrastructure – that is, road construction, transportation systems, residential wastewater management and sewage disposal – because I feel that I really can help people.

Benedict Oguah, 24 | Civil Engineering and Construction Management

Source: Kanizaj - TU Graz

... because I can use chemistry to understand the world better.

Experimenting with chemicals while wearing a lab coat is absolutely fantastic... that's what I particularly like about my studies, because I can use practice experience to understand the theories presented in the lectures better. You can describe virtually all the processes that take place in nature with chemistry.

Verena Theußl, 23 | Technical Chemistry

Source: Kanizaj - TU Graz

…because I learn technical things like programming and, at the same time, immerse myself in the world of medicine.

Many people don’t know what I do the first time I tell them what I study. But as soon as the terms hospital technology and medical devices are used, everything becomes clear. What I like most about Biomedical Engineering is the emphasis on the technical side with programming and electrical engineering. At the same time, I can also learn anatomy, biology and chemistry in detail.

Lukas Pointner, 21 | Biomedical Engineering

Source: Kanizaj - TU Graz

... because I want to develop and improve electronic devices and make them work – and what I need to do this is electricity!

Studying electrical engineering just feels right. I am a DIY sort of person. I am very creative, too, and I just love science. You can always find a new way to make something work, improve and invent things with Electrical Engineering. Things that some people can’t even imagine. TU Graz is a really good choice for me, because I feel like I belong here. Even though it’s not my homeland.

Sara Krak, 20 | Electrical Engineering

Source: Kanizaj - TU Graz

... because you discover and don‘t invent. Mathematics makes it easy to understand what’s already there.

Mathematics is the language that we can use to describe reality. It fascinates me, because I can reveal something that’s actually hidden. I'm not inventing something; I'm discovering it. I chose TU Graz because it has a very good reputation – and because the Sporgasse reminds me personally so much of Italy.

Leonardo Alese, 27 | Doctoral School of Mathematics and Scientific Computing

Source: Kanizaj - TU Graz

... because I not only find explanations for machines, but also for many processes that occur in nature and daily life, such as for the rainbow or for autumn leaves that spiral upward.

At school, I had the impression that there was still a lot for me to discover in the world of machines. I especially think that energy technology is a topic that will be important in the future, and I’d like to specialize even more. My programme not only enables me to understand the machines, but also to describe many processes that occur in nature using numbers and letters, such as a rainbow or autumn leaves that fly through the air. When I walk through the world, I see it as being full of mathematical formulas.

Lukas Dür, 26 | Mechanical Engineering

Terms and Conditions of Participation

Note: This is an English translation of an original text in German. This translation is provided only as a guide to the content of the German-language version. Only the German-language version is binding.

1. General provisions

In September 2018, TU Graz will launch a casting call for its students for a campaign entitled Be the Face of TU Graz 2018/2019. From the end of September to the end of October, students of the university can apply to become the face of TU Graz for the current academic year. Seven students will be selected, one per faculty. We are looking for men and women of different ages, and with a range of different backgrounds – basically as diverse a group as possible.

Applications will be accepted from 25 September to 28 October 2018, and the selection will be made in early November.

2. Who can participate?

Participation is open to all TU Graz students. Students who are selected must provide a copy of their notification of continued enrolment at TU Graz.

3. Which photos can be submitted?

Any photo on which the student’s face is clearly recognisable can be submitted. The photo can be a portrait or full-length.

4. Jury/voting

The jury’s decision is final. If one of the winners withdraws before the professional photo shoot in mid-November, the jury may nominate a replacement.

5. Notification of winners/prizes

After the competition closes and the professional photo shoot has taken place, the photos of the winners will be published at www.tugraz.at/go/betheface. The seven winners will each receive a EUR 100 Graz voucher and a TU Graz hoodie. The winners will be notified by e-mail. Prizes are non-transferable. There are no cash equivalents and no alternative prizes. TU Graz reserves the right to select an alternative prize for the competition without stating reasons.

6. Data protection information

By applying, you consent to TU Graz processing the photos you provide, your name and your contact details, for the purpose of running the competition. These data will be stored for three years after the competition has closed. You can withdraw your consent at any time by writing to kommunikationnoSpam@tugraz.at. If you do so, you will be unable to participate in the competition and your data will be erased before the three-year storage period expires, subject to statutory retention periods.

The competition winners will take part in a free professional photo shoot and will receive a selection of photos for their personal use. By participating in the photo shoot, you give your express consent to TU Graz publishing your name at www.tugraz.at/go/betheface, and using the photos taken at the shoot for at least one academic year as The Face of TU Graz, and as advertising photos for the purpose of representing the university for an unlimited period. The photos may be published on the university’s website, in TU Graz printed materials, and in media operated by third parties (i.e. social media, student platforms, posters, etc.). You hereby enter into a contractual relationship that forms the basis for data processing (Article 6[1][b] General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR]). This agreement may be terminated at one month’s notice, after the end of the academic year at the earliest, by writing to kommunikationnoSpam@tugraz.at.

Visit https://datenschutz.tugraz.at/dsgvo/rechte/welcome_en.shtml for more details.

7. Copyright to submitted application photos

The participating student warrants that he/she has full rights to the submitted photos, that submission does not infringe any third-party rights, and that the depiction of individuals does not represent a breach of privacy. TU Graz will immediately delete any photos that breach these conditions, once it becomes aware of such a breach. Nevertheless, if third parties enforce claims against TU Graz due to infringement of their rights, the participating student will indemnify and hold harmless TU Graz.

8. Exclusion of liability, access to legal proceedings

TU Graz does not assume any liability whatsoever for the content of the photos submitted by entrants. The jury’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.  professional photo shooting sessions in November, the jury is entitled to nominate a replacement or replacements.