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Be The Face

Would you like to lend us your face and represent TU Graz for a year?
Then apply now for our upcoming photo shooting on 17 November 2017.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for seven people (one from each faculty) of different ages, men and women, from different subjects and from all backgrounds. We need the candidates to be available for two photo shooting sessions in November and May and we need them to give us the rights to use their pictures in print and online media without a time limit. Candidates should also be willing to come to extra photo sessions and other PR activities in the course of the academic year, as far as it is compatible with their schedules.

What will you get in return?

The seven chosen photo models will get the pictures from the professional shootings for their own use, Graz vouchers to the value of 100 euros and a TU Graz-Hoodie.

Sources: Marija Kanizaj - TU Graz, pexels.com, visualhunt.com

How can I apply?

You can apply by 29 October 2017 by sending an e-mail to BeTheFacenoSpam@tugraz.at.

Please tell us:

  • your name
  • your date of birth
  • your degree programme (bachelor|master|doctoral programme)
  • your nationality

And please include:

  • a current portrait photo / full length photo

Here you can find the conditions of participation.



What you will get in return


Communications and Marketing
Rechbauerstraße 12/1
8010 Graz

Did you know that...

... our faces represent TU Graz online and offline for one year?
... our faces take part in professional photo shoots?
... our faces will receive City of Graz vouchers and TU Graz promotional articles as a small thank-you?
... applications are open until 29 October 2017?

Photo Shoot 2016 – Making Of

The Faces 2016/2017

I am studying at TU Graz...

Source: Kanizaj - TU Graz

... because I can combine creativity and technology in architecture and make it come alive for the wider community.

Alexander Winkler, 19 | Architecture, Bachelor

Source: Kanizaj - TU Graz

... because I’d like to contribute to groundbreaking buildings in design, calculation and construction.

Julia Angleitner, 22 | Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering, Master

Source: Kanizaj - TU Graz

... because there is nothing more exciting than producing something new and innovative.

Lea Kapetanovic, 25 | Production Science and Management, Master

Source: Kanizaj - TU Graz

... because the wide variety of courses allows me to create my perfect mix of electrical engineering and computer science.

Thomas Neff, 23 | Information and Computer Engineering, Master

Source: Kanizaj - TU Graz

... because I want to understand the details of the world behind the formulae so I can help shape future developments in technical and industrial fields.

Sascha Rossmann, 28 | Technical Physics, Bachelor

Source: Kanizaj - TU Graz

... because the core areas of mechanical engineering and chemistry are combined optimally in my study programme and open up many opportunities for me in the world of work.

Teresa Jagiello, 23 | Chemical and Process Engineering, Bachelor

Source: Kanizaj - TU Graz

... because I can deepen my interest in technology and medicine and so optimise technical applications in the future healthcare sector.

Alexander Draschl, 19 | Biomedical Engineering, Molecular Biology, Bachelor

Conditions of Participation

Note: This is an English translation of an original text in German. This translation is provided only as a guide to the content of the German-language version. Only the German-language version is binding.

§ 1 General

In September 2017, students of TU Graz are being called to participate in a casting process to “Be the face of TU Graz 2017/2018”. Students can apply to be the “face of TU Graz” for the current academic year from the end of September until the end of October. Seven students will be selected, one from each faculty. The students should be male and female, of different ages and as far as possible from different backgrounds – as diverse as possible.
Applications are open from 25 September until 29 October 2017. The selection will be made in November 2017.

§ 2 Who is eligible to apply?

All students of TU Graz are eligible to apply (participants who are selected for the photo shootings will be asked to provide a copy of their notification of continuation of enrolment). If the suspicion arises that the same person has applied under more than one username, TU Graz reserves the right to delete the photographs of this person and /or their registration and exclude them from further participation in the selection process.

§ 3 What photographs can be entered?

Any photograph(s) on which the applicant's face is clearly visible can be entered. Both portraits and full length photographs can be entered.

§ 4 Jury/Voting

The jury's decision is final. If any of the winners are not able to take part in the professional photo shooting sessions in November, the jury is entitled to nominate a replacement or replacements.

§ 5 Notification of winners/prizes

The seven winners will each receive a City of Graz voucher to the value of 100 euros and a TU Graz-Hoodie. The winners will be notified by e-mail. The prizes are non-transferable. The prizes cannot be paid out as cash equivalents and and there are no alternative prizes. TU Graz reserves the right to change the prizes for the competition without stating reasons. No liability is accepted for unforeseeable circumstances which are brought about by third parties, for example delivery of the prizes, etc.

§ 6 Copyright/author's rights

The participating students declare that they are in possession of full rights to the photographs they upload; that the publication of the photographs does not infringe the rights of any third parties and that the images of persons in the photographs do not infringe the personality rights of any third parties. Should it come to the attention of TU Graz that any of the photographs do not fulfil these conditions, TU Graz will remove them without delay. In the event that third parties lodge claims against TU Graz for infringement of their rights, the participating students shall indemnify TU Graz against such claims.

§ 7 Disclaimer/Recourse to the courts

TU Graz accepts no liability for the content of the photographs. No correspondence can be entered into on the subject of the competition. Recourse to the courts is excluded.