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Be The Face

The Faces of TU Graz 2018/2019

Now we know who the seven winners are who will represent the seven faculties of TU Graz this academic year:

The campaign

In September 2018 in the fourth BeTheFace campaign, TU Graz was looking for students from all the faculties to represent their university for one whole year online and offline. Numerous students from different countries of origin and fields of study applied. The jury was spoilt for choice and focused on authenticity, diversity and uniqueness.

Exciting moments and benefits for students

The seven faces who were chosen will have reason to be happy about the results of the professional photo shoots since they will also receive in recognition additional City of Graz vouchers and a TU Graz hoodie. The faces from the previous campaigns are almost everywhere: in TU Graz’s web presence, in the Intranet TU4U, in print publications such as the TU Graz Annual Report, the information folder, Facts & Figures, study brochures and even on trains and flags.

Do you want to take part, too? At the end of September 2019 there will be another chance to be the face of TU Graz.

Seven students sit on chairs and face the camera. Source: Kanizaj – TU Graz

Photo Shoot with our Faces

The first photo shoot featuring the winners was held in November 2018 – the setting, together with a professional photographer and make-up artist, invoked a studio atmosphere within the venerable walls of the University. Portrait photos and group pictures were taken. In the new year, too, joint photo shoots with the seven winners are on the programme.

Photo Shoot 2018 – Making Of

Did you know that...

... our faces represent TU Graz online and offline for one year?
... our faces take part in professional photo shoots?
... our faces will receive City of Graz vouchers and TU Graz promotional articles as a small thank-you?
... there will be another chance to be a face of TU Graz in autumn 2019?


Communications and Marketing
Rechbauerstraße 12/1
8010 Graz

The Faces 2018/2019

I am studying at TU Graz...

Thomas Kubin. Source: Kanizaj – TU Graz

… because when I was a child, I reorganised my room using true-to-scale plans.

Thomas Kubin, 22 | Architecture

Peter Joachim Heinrich. Source: Kanizaj – TU Graz

... because I find it fascinating shaping the environment and at the same time doing good things for people.

Peter Joachim Heinrich, 29 | Civil Engineering Sciences

Hannah Brunner. Source: Kanizaj – TU Graz

... because it’s extremely exciting being part of new technological developments right from the beginning.

Hannah Brunner, 23 | Information and Computer Engineering

Marko Buchkovskyy. Source: Kanizaj – TU Graz

...  because I’m equally interested in technology and management.

Marko Buchkovskyy, 18 | Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics

Thomas Wohlfahrter. Source: Kanizaj – TU Graz

... because that’s just the way it is was never enough for me.

Thomas Wohlfahrter, 28 | Physics

Amila Haseljić. Source: Kanizaj – TU Graz

... because chemistry is like a secret language for me, by which I can understand the world better.

Amila Haseljić, 20 | Chemistry

Camilla Reis. Source: Kanizaj – TU Graz

... because, using my creativity, I can develop something which makes life easier for people.

Camilla Reis, 24 | Software Engineering and Management