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Internationals at TU Graz - COVID-19 Information

This information is designed for all internationals (exchange students, international students, staff/guests) at TU Graz and provides you with COVID-19 information: useful resources/links about travel restrictions, entry regulations, special services, health and wellbeing resources, updates from TU Graz and how to behave in case of a suspected COVID-19 infection.

Last update: 15.09.2021

Prior to arrival

Arrival in Austria/at TU Graz

Living in Austria/Studying at TU Graz

Support Services


We do understand that it can be confusing to get through the jungle of information, translate information from English to German – so if you don`t know where to find the information you are looking for or you have an open question that cannot be answered, please feel free to get in touch with us. The International Office – Welcome Center is happy to support you.

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International students, international staff and guests

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Quarantine Support Service for Internationals at TU Graz



International Office - Welcome Center Emergency Hotline

0043 664 60 873 6427

Address for visitors:
Lessingstraße 32/first floor
A-8010 Graz

Office Hours:
Due to COVID-19 regulations visits to our office are currently only possible by appointment. We kindly ask you to arrange an appointment with your contact person in advance (Contacts).


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We are constantly updating this page and, despite thorough research, we would like to point out that this information page does not replace legally valid information provided by the Austrian representation. Instead, it should be seen as an additional support for better understanding.

Prior to arrival

Travel Restrictions and Entry Regulations

Summary of current travel restrictions and entry regulations (OeAD)

It is important that you closely monitor the entry requirements (e.g. COVID-19 test, self-quarantine) and follow the regulations from the Austrian government.

  • Check the travel restrictions and entry regulations regularly before your arrival to Austria. Following websites could provide you with up to date information: 
  • If you arrive by plane please note that there might be additional regulations required by your airline
  • Check if you have to undergo a self-quarantine upon arrival
    • Please inform yourself in advance if a self-quarantine might be necessary in your case.
    • If you need to undergo a self-quarantine upon arrival in Austria, the International Office – Welcome Center will offer a quarantine service: sign up here: Quarantine Support Service


Visa/Residence Permit

Due to COVID-19 Austrian embassies might not be open yet or only offer some services. Please regularly check their websites. It is of high importance to start early enough to request your residence permit/visa, because it might take longer than normal. If you have open questions please get in touch with your contact person in the International Office – Welcome Center.

Health Insurance

It is important that you have sufficient health insurance coverage at any given moment during your travels to/from Austria and your stay in Austria. It is advisable to have a travel health insurance for your travels to Graz/Austria and the first 2-3 weeks in Austria. Afterwards you should have a regular health insurance in case you need medical treatment:

  • If you are an EU/EEA/Swiss National: Please check if you have a valid health insurance coverage in Austria with your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  • If you are not an EU/EEA/Swiss National or don`t have a sufficient coverage from your home country:  Depending if you are an exchange student/international student or staff different options for a regular health insurance in Austria for the duration of your stay are available.
  • All exchange students need to have either coverage with the EHIC or have to obtain the National Health Insurance ÖGK upon arrival. Exchange students will receive further information about health insurance coverage from their contact person at the International Office from TU Graz.
  • International students/staff are responsible to inform themselves and obtain a health insurance on their own but they can get in touch with the Welcome Center at TU Graz if they have open questions.

General Information about Insurance

Preparing your Stay

Keep in mind that if you need to undergo a self-quarantine, you are not allowed to leave your accommodation. We therefore recommend that you bring the following from your country of origin to Graz in addition to the documents and objects that you would take with you anyway:

  • Medication that you take regularly (if necessary, observe import regulations - if you have any questions, please contact the Austrian representative authority)
  • If possible: clinical thermometer
  • Mouth-nose-protection (FFP2)
  • If possible: hand and surface disinfectant
  • SIM card/phone card with Austrian/international phone plan, if you are arriving from outside the EU
  • Some cash money (currency Euro €)


General Information how to prepare your stay at TU Graz can be found on the following pages:

Housing Information

When signing a housing contract please also check the cancellation policy of the housing provider, to be aware about the cancellation dates/policy in case you cannot come to Austria or arrive later or have to go home earlier. Some dormitories might offer the possibility to defer your contract to a later date, some others might ask for a cancellation fee or keep (part of) your deposit.

Please also check with your housing provider what equipment is available in your room (blankets, pillows).
It might be very convenient to get some essential equipment delivered to your accommodation at a requested delivery date in order to make sure that you have all essentials once you arrive. Unistarter, an Austrian company, offers a variety of items/sets for the start in your new home. Also check the website of ESN Austria who has a cooperation with Unistarter.

If you need to undergo a self-quarantine you have to make sure that the accommodation is quarantine suitable. Please check with your housing provider if it is possible to have a separate space/room and also separate bathroom/kitchen area in your accommodation during the quarantine time. In case this is not possible, please organize an accommodation that is suitable for this purpose. Information about the Quarantine Support Service provided by the International Office - Welcome Center can be found here

Arrival in Austria/at TU Graz

Steps upon Arrival

  • Follow the entry regulations and organize in advance if you need to undergo a self-quarantine (see support in case of obligatory self-quarantine)
  • Get in touch with our International Office - Welcome Center
    • Exchange students: follow the instructions given out by e-mail and contact your exchange coordinator at TU Graz if there are any open questions
    • International students, staff and guests: contact the Welcome Center

  • Participate in the information events for international students
  • Inform yourself about the current rules and regulations in Austria

COVID-19 Test upon Arrival in Austria

In case you have to or want to do a COVID-19 test upon arrival in Austria more information can be found here: 

  • COVID-19 test possibility at Vienna Airport:
    If you enter Austria via Vienna Airport, you can also do a COVID-19 test (PCR and rapid antigen tests available) directly at the airport (have a look at their website for more information)
  • Early termination of quarantine by negative COVID-19 test: 
    Depending which citizen you are and from what destination you started your journey you might have the option to choose if you either undergo a self-quarantine or show a negative COVID-19 test result. If that is the case you can also do such a test in Austria. Please have a look at the section Travel Restrictions and Entry Regulations to check what entry regulations/requirements apply in your case. More information where you can make a PCR test/rapid antigen test in Graz can be found in the section COVID-19 Testing Facilities in Graz
  • COVID-19 test if you have symptoms of illness or suspected of having contracted COVID-19
    please check the section Health-related COVID-19 Information for more information



Living in Austria/Studying at TU Graz

Health-related COVID-19 Information

You have symptoms of illness or suspected of having contracted COVID-19?

  1. Don`t visit a doctor but call the health hotline 1450.
  2. Follow further instructions that you receive from the health hotline.
  3. Stay in self-isolation, i.e. avoid contact with other people. If such contact cannot be avoided, e.g. in the family, flatmates, pay particular attention to the rules of conduct to avoid infecting other people (distance, hand hygiene, mouth-nose-protection (FFP2)). 
  4. Inform your contact person at TU Graz
    • Exchange students: please inform your contact person in the International Office (Contacts)
    • International students/staff: please inform the Welcome Center (Contact)

  5. Obligation to report (suspected) COVID-19 cases to TU Graz.
    in that case it is obligatory to inform the central reporting office of TU Graz immediately via the email address coronameldungnoSpam@tugraz.at More information for students & for staff

COVID-19 Regulations in Austria

Current regulations: 

Digitial COVID certificates 

  • the 3-G evidence (which means that you are recovered, vaccinated or tested) is necessary in many public places 
  • more information how to obtain this evidence can be found here:  https://gruenerpass.gv.at/en/ 

Further links and Information: 

COVID-19 Information from TU Graz

Obligation to report suspected cases to TU Graz

Entry to TU Graz: compliance with 3-G-rule 

  • From 16 August onwards, access to TU Graz will only be possible in compliance with the 3-G-rule (tested, vaccinated or recovered).
  • Currently, access to service departments is possible by appointment only. 

Appointments with the Registrar`s Office: 

International students who need to visit the Registrar`s Office: Please visit the Registrar’s Office only with an arranged appointment (new registrations directly through the online application, other students can book an appointment via this link.)

COVID-19 Vaccination

Since 1 February, all persons with main or secondary residence in Styria (valid Meldezettel), currently from 12 years of age, can register for a free Corona vaccination.

How to sign up for a COVID-19 vaccination

You can pre-register for a vaccination in Styria via this link: anmeldung.steiermark-impft.at. Once there are appointments available, you will receive an e-mail notification with a link to book your vaccination appointment. 

The City of Graz also organizes some vaccination days where no sign up is required. Those events will be published here: https://www.impfen.steiermark.at/ 

Please bring the following documents to your appointment: 

  • passport
  • the signed information and consent form (form will be sent to you via e-mail together with your appointment) 
  • your vaccination booklet (if available)

An Austrian Social Insurance number is not obligatory, but you have to be a resident (valid Meldezettel) in Styria. 

More information

The university management of TU Graz clearly positions itself as pro vaccination" and has provided more information on the following page: https://www.tugraz.at/tu-graz/tu-graz-pro-impfen/  

Corona vaccination campaign of Styrian higher education institutions 

  • Date: 6 September to 11 October 2021
  • Location:  Messe Graz (entry from Jakominigürtel 20), Fast Lane for members of Styrian higher education institutions (students & staff)
  • Vaccine: single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which delivers protection from infection with just one dose

More information on this campaign

COVID-19 Testing Facilities in Graz

Support Services

Quarantine Support Service

The International Office – Welcome Center of TU Graz is happy to assist and support international students and staff from TU Graz during the period they have to undergo a self-quarantine. The quarantine support service is free of charge. A local TU Graz student is going to provide you with food, other essential items and, if necessary, medication and complete the required registration with the City of Graz for you in case you go into quarantine immediately upon your arrival.

Please sign up here if you want to use this service. If it is a required home-quarantine upon arrival, we kindly ask you to sign up as soon  possible, latest 4 working days prior to arrival. 

Quarantine Support Service – Sign Up

After we have received your request we will get in touch with you and provide you with further information.

Please check with your housing provider if your booked accommodation is suitable to undergo quarantine and if it is possible to have a separate space/room and also separate bathroom/kitchen area in your accommodation during the quarantine time. In case this is not possible, please organize an accommodation  that is suitable for this purpose. If you have open questions regarding this service, please contact quarantine-support@tugraz.at 

Health & Wellbeing

Especially in challenging times it is important to take care of your psychological and physical health. Even if physical distancing is important, we should keep socially close to each other, make new friends, talk about the challenges we all face, and stay active. Please find below some useful resources:

Emergency Phone Hotline

In case of a really urgent matter, internationals at TU Graz can also contact our International Office - Welcome Center outside our business hours. Please note that general enquiries will only be answered during business hours. This hotline is for emergencies only and operates 24/7.   

International Office - Welcome Center Emergency Hotline

0043 664 60 873 6427

In case of a real emergency please contact the correct emergency hotline: the emergency phone numbers can be found at the website oesterreich.gv.at