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International Students Overview

Would you like to pursue a degree programme at TU Graz? TU Graz has a well-deserved, great reputation. This is hardly surprising, since TU Graz offers:

  • Master’s Programmes in English,
  • Internationally recognized teachers with strong networks,
  • ideally-equipped, state-of-the-art laboratories, facilities and infrastructure,
  • cutting-edge research – for example, in the Fields of Expertise,
  • multiple opportunities to take part in national and international research projects, including collaborations with renowned industry partners, often within the framework of Master’s theses and doctoral dissertations
  • personal support provided by the team at the Welcome Center for international students,
  • excellent opportunities to work as a team with teachers, fellow students and colleagues,
  • free access to campus licenses and trial software (for example, the Microsoft Office suite, MATLAB) and
  • a particularly attractive location.

Information and Advice

If you have questions about visas and residence in Austria, travelling to Austria, arriving in Graz, or finding accommodation and living in Graz, visit the website of the

Welcome Center

For questions about admission procedures, registration and admission, contact the

Registrar's Office
Rechbauerstraße 12/I
8010 Graz

Information and Advice for Prospective Students

Individual support offered by TU Graz students can be found by contacting the student representatives at the TU Graz student union.

Why choose TU Graz?

TU Graz Ambassadors Hannah and Endrit talk about why they chose TU Graz for their bachelor studies.

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