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Summer Programme with the City College of New York

The Programme

Each year, a summer programme / internship programme is held at TU Graz for students from the City College of New York. From May to August, you can complete a 2-month internship in any field of study at TU Graz. With your application letter received from your home university, TU Graz will organize an internship place. During your stay, you gain insight into the organisation and expertise at the institute to which you are assigned.

Application Requirements

  • You are an officially registered student at the City College of New York.
  • Your home university nominates you for this summer programme at TU Graz.

Application Deadlines

Ask at your home university about the deadlines.

The names of the students nominated by the universities will be sent to TU Graz between February and March.

Application Procedure

  1. You apply for the summer programme at your home university.
  2. Your home university nominates you.
  3. Your information will be sent from your home university to TU Graz.
  4. You receive an access code for the online application and additional information about the application procedure directly via email from TU Graz.

Your Stay in Graz and at TU Graz

Prior to your arrival

Find information about your visa, housing, and much more under Preparing for your Stay Abroad.

During your stay

To make your stay and life in our beautiful city of Graz and in Austria easier, we have put together some information about the local conditions and tips to improve everyday life: Living in Graz for Students.