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Joint and Double Degree Programmes

The Programmes

A Joint Degree Programme is a Master’s or Doctoral Programme that is developed together by various universities. At the end of your programme, both universities award a commonly recognized degree.

The Double Degree Programme is a programme offered at international universities, whereby the student pursues a parallel programme at 2 academic institutions and is awarded 2 academic degrees. The student is generally enrolled at a university in a degree programme and, during the course of this programme, completes a second degree programme in the same or a similar subject at another university. The second degree is usually completed during a semester abroad at a partner university. Both universities mutually recognize the coursework, and each award an academic degree.

Double Degree Programmes at TU Graz

Double Degree Programme Architecture

Programme: Master's degree programme in Architecture
Partner university: Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Unlike the normal master’s curriculum, 150 ECTS credits must be obtained to complete the double diploma programme and two project exercises are carried out at each university (TU Graz and Politecnico di Milano) as well as the corresponding compulsory subjects. The master's thesis will be written in English under the supervision of one supervisor at TU Graz and one supervisor at Politecnico di Milano.

Double Degree Programme Computer Science

Programme: Master's degree programme in Computer Science
Partner university: University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Double Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering

Programme: Master’s degree programme in Mechanical Engineering
Partner university: Tongji University (Shanghai, China)

Students at the Tongji University must complete at least the following programme achievements at the TU Graz:

  • One of the five specialisation subjects related to the subject area: 25 ECTS from the compulsory subject and 10 ECTS from the elective subject
  • Master’s thesis: 30 ECTS

Joint Doctoral Programme at TU Graz

Application Requirements

  • You are officially registered at one of the partner universities in the respective degree programme.
  • Your home university nominates you for this programme.

Application Deadlines

Ask at your home university about the deadlines.

The names of the students nominated by the universities will be sent to TU Graz between April and May.

Application Procedure

  1. You apply for the programme at your home university.
  2. Your home university nominates you.
  3. Your information is sent from your home university to TU Graz.
  4. You receive an access code for the online application and additional information about the application procedure via email from TU Graz.