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Degree Seeking Students

Would you like to pursue a degree programme at TU Graz? TU Graz has a well-deserved, great reputation. This is hardly surprising, since TU Graz offers:

  • Master’s Programmes in English,
  • Internationally recognized teachers with strong networks,
  • ideally-equipped, state-of-the-art laboratories, facilities and infrastructure,
  • cutting-edge research – for example, in the Fields of Expertise,
  • multiple opportunities to take part in national and international research projects, including collaborations with renowned industry partners, often within the framework of Master’s theses and doctoral dissertations
  • personal support provided by the team at the Welcome Center for international students,
  • excellent opportunities to work as a team with teachers, fellow students and colleagues,
  • free access to campus licenses and trial software (for example, the Microsoft Office suite, MATLAB) and
  • a particularly attractive location.

Why choose TU Graz?

TU Graz Ambassadors Hannah and Endrit talk about why they chose TU Graz for their bachelor studies.

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Information and Advice

If you have questions about visas and residence in Austria, travelling to Austria, arriving in Graz, or finding accommodation and living in Graz, visit the website of the

Welcome Center

For questions about admission procedures, registration and admission, contact the: :

Registration Office
Rechbauerstraße 12/I
8010 Graz

Opening hours: Monday through Friday, 9 am to 12 pm

international students from outside the EU (not part of mobility programmes):
Phone: +43 316 873 6419

international students from the EU (not part of mobility programmes):
Phone: +43 316 873 6626

master's programmes taught in English:
Phone: +43 316 873 6628

Information and Advice for Prospective Students

Individual support offered by TU Graz students can be found by contacting the student representatives at the TU Graz student union.

Source: Lunghammer – TU Graz

Questions and Answers regarding studying at TU Graz

What can I study at TU Graz?

Here is an overview of all degree programmes offered at TU Graz:

Degree and Certificate Programmes


Do I need to know the German language to be able to study at TU Graz?

German language proficiency at level C1 is an admission requirement for bachelor’s programmes and master’s programmes taught in German. Find information under Proof of German language competence.
If your proficiency in German has not yet reached a sufficient standard, then you can register at TU Graz as a non-degree student until you are able to document German language competence at the required level. See Admission without German language proficiency.

Furthermore TU Graz offers Master's programmes taught in English. For these programmes you do not need to have German language skills. You have to prove English language proficiency at level C1. See Proof of English language competence.
In this case, it is also recommended to attend a German course at treffpunkt sprachen.

When does the semester begin and end and when are the holidays?

In the academic calendar you can find the important dates of the TU Graz academic year.

Here you find all Public Holidays and and breaks of the academic year 2018/19 at a glance.

I have completed a degree programme. Can I continue my education at TU Graz?

Yes, TU Graz offers Continuing Education for

  • students,
  • alumni
  • people with several years of professional experience.

Do I have to go through an admission procedure to study at TU Graz?


Read about the TU Graz admission procedure.

What does it cost to study at TU Graz?

Information about the cost of a degree programme at TU Graz and financial support possibilities that are available can be found under financial matters.

How can I register for a degree programme at TU Graz?

Click on the following link to learn how you can register for a degree programme at TU Graz:

Registration and admission for international applicants

Can I attend courses held at other universities in Graz?

Yes, TU Graz students can also attend courses at the University of Graz, Medical University of Graz and the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. To attend these courses, they need to co-register at the respective university. This also applies to German language courses. 

How does this work? Click on the links below:

Where and when can I take German classes?

Would you like to pursue a German-language Bachelor's or Master's degree programme at TU Graz, but haven’t yet gained level C1 German skills? In this case, you can attend the  University Preparation Programme Graz (VGUH), which will help you prepare to take the supplementary exam in German.

Will you be pursuing an English-language degree programme at TU Graz? Would you like to learn German because it interests you, or because you would feel more comfortable if you understood the language? In this case, sign up for an intensive or a semester-long course at treffpunkt sprachen.

Do I need to have health and accident insurance?

Whether or not you need to take out insurence depends on your country of origin as well as on your duration of stay.


When should I arrive in Graz?

The recommended arrival date varies according to your individual situation. Here is some information that will help you make a decision:

  • Generally, you are recommended to arrive in Graz in mid-September.
  • At the beginning of each academic year, TU Graz welcomes new students during the Welcome Days. Join us and learn more about studying at TU Graz: Welcome Days.
  • Take note of the starting dates for the German courses during your planning.
  • The dates of the academic year can be found in the academic calendar.

What can I do after completing a degree programme at TU Graz?

Each degree programme description provides information about the career fields that are open to you after graduation. Graduates can find more information (for example, job advertisements) under the link planning your career.

About Living in Graz

To make your stay and life in our beautiful city of Graz and in Austria easier, we have put together some information about the local conditions and tips to improve everyday life: Living in Graz for Students

Further Information

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  • important addresses,
  • entry and residence requirements,
  • accommodation,
  • food and
  • general information on living in Graz.

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