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Become an International Student Ambassador

You are a student from South-Eastern Europe on exchange at TU Graz.

You want to take the spirit of TU Graz home and share it with others.

As an International Student Ambassador, you are a game changer and influencer.

How to become an Ambassador

Your activities as Ambassador

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Create inspiration

Leave a lasting impression by sharing your experiences at TU Graz and helping interested students to get to know the university.

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Create community

Join a community of game changers that actively seeks international exchange, like you. Act as a role model for other students and point them in the right direction towards new paths.

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Create yourself

Develop new competences – for your CV and for life. Show your strengths and improve your skills. As an Ambassador, you will receive a certificate and a letter of recommendation from TU Graz.

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Create future

Share your experiences at TU Graz with others in your home country. Connect interested students with the people at TU Graz and support them in shaping their own future.

How to become an Ambassador

You can become an Ambassador if you are a student  from Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia or Slovakia who is currently on exchange at TU Graz.

1. Send your application

Application documents:

  • Fill out the application form.
  • Attach a short video talking about your motivation to become an Ambassador (2-3 minutes max.).

Send your application until 24 April 2019 via e-mail to ambassadornoSpam@tugraz.at.

Successful candidates will be invited to interviews on 2 or 3 May 2019.

2. Learn more about the Ambassador programme

Within individual talks you learn more about the Ambassador programme and what it means to be an Ambassador. Together, we will find out the activities that suit you best, what skills you want to learn and how you can engage in the programme.

3. Get trained

During your stay at TU Graz, you will be actively involved in the TU Graz community. You get to network with other Ambassadors, participate in events organised by TU Graz, take part in a professional photo shoot and receive special information and training sessions. This way, you will be well prepared and connected for your job as Ambassador.


4. Start your engagement

In your home country, you will represent TU Graz as an Ambassador for at least 1 year, sharing your first-hand experience. You will get to know many interesting people, form friendships, and acquire skills that will benefit you throughout your life.

Activities – Your engagement with huge impact

Your engagement as an Ambassador is on individual basis depending on your time, interest and passion.
Together, we will find out the activities that suit you best, what skills you want to learn and how you can engage.

Network and organise

  • Connect with selected organisations in your home country.
  • Visit schools in your home country and inform about studying at TU Graz.
  • Represent TU Graz at educational fairs in your home country.
  • Set up information events for interested students.

Inform and accompany

  • Inform interested students about studying and study life at TU Graz.
  • Accompany interested students during their decision-making process to study at TU Graz.
  • Support during the application process and connect prospective students with the right service points at TU Graz.


  • Get actively involved in the communication process of TU Graz.
  • Write reviews for the website.
  • Give short statements for study brochures.
  • Produce short videos about your experiences at TU Graz.
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