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Interview: Theo Lehrhofer

08/20/2019 |

Theo Lehrhofer graduated from school in 2018. After serving as a one-year volunteer in the Austrian Armed Forces, he has now enrolled in the bachelor's degree programme Electrical Engineering at the TU Graz.

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You are looking to study Electrical Engineering at the TU Graz? Why?

Theo Lehrhofer: Electronic components and their functionality have always interested me. I was always good at mathematics at school and so I decided to study electrical engineering. I also know that the demand for electrical engineers is very high and the job prospects are good.

What was your favourite subject at school and why?

Theo Lehrhofer: Sports was definitely my favourite subject. I am an avid football player. Unfortunately, I am injured at the moment, but usually, I play football with my team on the field at TU Graz, campus Inffeldgasse. Descriptive Geometry also inspired me at school. I have always been very good at maths but would have liked to be encouraged and challenged even more at school.

What should someone who studies Electrical Engineering be able to do well?

Theo Lehrhofer: In any case, enthusiasm and a love of learning and discovering new things is important. I'm curious to discover what I can do especially well and where I have room for improvement in my studies. Of course, that doesn’t apply specifically to the electrical engineering study programme, I guess I’ll have to improve my self-organisation and learning management skills for my studies as well. Studying at university is certainly different than at school, where a lot was predetermined.

In which everyday object do you think there is a lot of electrical engineering?

Theo Lehrhofer: Today, almost every everyday object has electronics inside. They are in every smartphone, kitchen machine, bicycle or scooter. Entire households would come to a standstill without electronics. It is fascinating how memory and computing power have multiplied and how much power can be found in ever smaller components.

In which area would you like to work in the future?

Theo Lehrhofer: I’m not sure yet, but space travel would be of great interest to me. When I was at school, I went on an excursion to the Institute for Space Research in Graz, which was very exciting. I know that TU Graz is also very strong in this area and has a long tradition in space research. And there is a master's degree programme (Space Sciences and Earth from Space), where you can specialise in this area.

Where do you get the best information about your degree programme and TU Graz?

Theo Lehrhofer: My sister, who’s studying chemistry at TU Graz, has already given me lots of valuable tips. Among other things, she has made me aware of the online courses in mathematics and programming. So, I am preparing for the beginning of my studies by brushing up my maths. Fortunately, there is still plenty of time to enjoy the holidays.


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