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Interview: Alexander Bergmann

08/19/2019 |

Alexander Bergmann is a professor of Electronic Sensor Systems and head of the institute of the same name at TU Graz. For him, electrical engineering is the basic technology for everything that makes up the modern world.

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Please describe your field of work in a few sentences.

Alexander Bergmann: Sensor technology refers to the science and application of sensors for measuring and controlling changes in environmental, biological or technical systems. Research at our institute is characterised by great interdisciplinarity and diversity. Our team consists of experts from the fields of physics, electrical engineering and telematics. As a team, we deal with topics from industry plus the pressing issues of climate change.

In your opinion, what makes electrical engineering special?

Alexander Bergmann: For me, our work is somewhat creative. We have many opportunities to help shape the world of tomorrow. I am thinking of digitisation, the energy revolution or the challenges of an aging society, to name but a few relevant areas.

What excites you about electrical engineering?

Alexander Bergmann: I am fascinated by the enormous variety, the interdisciplinarity and the creativity of the field. And of course, the many opportunities for cooperation within and outside of electrical engineering. After all, electrical engineering is the basic technology for everything that comprises the modern world: from the Internet to digitisation and Industry 4.0 to machine learning or Big Data.

What do you want to convey to your students?

Alexander Bergmann: Enthusiasm, motivation and the ability to solve problems creatively.

In which specific areas are your former students working today?

Alexander Bergmann: Many graduates work in the semiconductor industry, the automotive industry, or join technology start-ups.

How did you first come into contact with TU Graz?

Alexander Bergmann: When I was a schoolboy I often went to TU Graz. The father of a friend worked here and there was a mainframe computer at his institute that fascinated me even then. Of course computers have shrunk and are very much smaller today, while my fascination with technology and natural sciences has grown and grown.

What do you like most about TU Graz?

Alexander Bergmann: The high level of many of our students. Also, we have great opportunities to network and cooperate within the TU Graz in an interdisciplinary manner. The research cooperation ventures at TU Graz together with industry partners is also outstanding and offers researchers, students and graduates many opportunities to develop their innovative power.

How do you spend your time outside of classes?

Alexander Bergmann: I travel a lot for work and this means I am often on a plane. In my spare time, you can find me mountain climbing or skiing. Climbing seems to be a typical leisure activity for people in our field: On the climbing wall, I could already convince the occasional master student to write their thesis with me.