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Overview: Qualification Networks

Today, specialised continuing education is offered in areas shared by institutions of higher education and business with increasing frequency. TU Graz also cooperates with companies on a continually expanding basis to offer courses in a variety of ways, for example, as part of subsidized qualification networks.

The funding programme R&D Competences for Industry from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) supports the development and implementation of university qualification programmes for companies. First, this programme helps companies (primarily SMEs) systematically train their current research and development staff members, as well as help them gain specialised qualifications. Second, the programme ensures that fields of expertise that are relevant to companies are promoted at Austrian universities and technical colleges and provides an impetus for higher sectoral mobility.

TU Graz Life Long Learning, the department at TU Graz responsible for continuing education, joined a large number of partners in responding to the first call for this new programme by participating in the submission of a proposal for the Qualification Network RFID in 2012 and, subsequently, for the RFID 2 project that ran from 2014 to 2016. As part of these two qualification networks, approximately 500 people received training in courses to learn about current technological developments, receive an introduction to new technologies used in companies, new fields of application, and increase their competence and creativity. From January 2017 onwards, the qualification network Value Network – IT enabled Eco Systems will offer training for key personnel from Styrian and Carinthian companies in the high-tech fields of electronics, IT and system solutions.

Further information about this funding programme: R&D Competences for Industry

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