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University Programme in Traffic Accident Research – Aviation Safety

Even though technology, safety measures and accident prevention are developing constantly, accidents and close to collision events are increasing. This is due to the significant increase in national and global air traffic. The master's programme Traffic Accident Research – Aviation Safety at TU Graz is unique in Austria. In this programme, internationally renowned experts share their knowledge of aviation technology, electronics, environmental conditions and human factors in aviation. Participants learn how to reconstruct all types of aviation accidents so that they can use research results to develop improved preventative measures.


  • Accident reconstruction (for courts, insurance companies and aviation safety officers)
  • Accident research
  • Aircraft development
  • Aircraft safety
  • Cockpit teamwork
  • Aircraft performance calculation
  • Route planning on the ground and in the air
  • Accident documentation
  • Accident mechanics
  • Aviation technology
  • Biomechanics
  • Electronics
  • Basic law
  • Traffic policy basics
  • Basic psychology

Target Groups

  • Experts in air accident investigation who complete international tasks according to international aviation agreements.
  • Safety representatives in air transport companies and public authorities
  • Teaching staff in diverse types of aeronautical training
  • Staff at air traffic control units
  • Pilots
  • Aircraft engineers
  • Employees of air traffic control
  • Aircraft maintenance specialists

Admission Requirements

  1. Completed bachelor, master or diploma degree in a technical subject or in the natural sciences (university, university of applied sciences)

  2. University entrance qualifications (e.g. secondary school leaving certificate, vocational matriculation certificate, including foreign equivalents), successfully completed pre-module in mathematics and one of the following qualifications:
    a. ATPL airline transport pilot licence + 500 flight hours
    b. CPL commercial pilot licence + 700 flight hours
    c. Air traffic controller training (ATCO) + 3 years of relevant professional experience

  3. Graduates of the following degree programmes can also be admitted to the programme if they successfully complete the pre-module in mathematics before the start of the programme.
    a. Completed law degree
    b. Completed medical degree
    c. Completed economics degree

  4. Graduates of degree programmes comparable with those stated in 3 can apply to be admitted to the programme as long as they can prove a minimum of 3 years of professional experience in aviation and have completed the pre-module in mathematics.

Dates and Deadlines

  • Next start date: on request

Quick Facts

  • Duration: 4 semesters plus master's thesis
  • Final degree: Master of Engineering – Aviation Safety (MEng AS)
  • ECTS credit points: 120
  • Language of instruction: German or English – depending on the needs of the participants
  • Possible subsidies and details
  • Place of study: online and at TU Graz
  • Curriculum (in German)

Structure of the Degree Programme

Lessons are taught according to the “Blended Learning” approach.

The courses are divided into several blocks. Exams are held straight after the courses. Distance learning elements make studying easier for working students and international students.

Pre-Module in Mathematics

  • Dates:before the start, will be announced
  • Scope: 40 teaching units, each lasting 45 minutes
  • Lecturer: ROSENMANN Amnon
  • Qualification: Certificate
  • Registration fee: € 950
  • To register, please send an email to: office.vsinoSpam@tugraz.at

Requirements for successful completion of the pre-module are:

  • Full attendance
  • Frequent participation
  • Punctual submission of course tasks

After the master’s programme Traffic Accident Research had been successfully established, we were approached by specialists from the aviation industry and asked whether we could offer a similar training course for them. In 2014, the university course "Traffic Accident Research - Aviation Safety" was offered for the first time and – also for this programme – internationally well-known lecturers were obtained.

Career Options and Qualifications

After successfully completing the programme, graduates will be able to reconstruct all types of air accidents and use research results to develop improved preventative measures.

Areas of application:

  • Accident analysis for air accidents
  • Safety assessments
  • Development of safety measures
  • Training of pilots
  • Development of new safety strategies

The university programme communicates a broad range of high level knowledge, which is taught by internationally recognised experts. It is the only programme of its kind in Austria. I have already profited greatly from this programme and I very much recommend it to anyone who works in aviation accidents or flight safety.

This master’s programme at TU Graz is right for you if you

  • are interested in flight safety
  • want to contribute to improving flight safety
  • want to participate in aircraft accident commissions
  • are looking for competent training with excellent teachers who have many years of experience
  • are looking for a part-time programme, after completion of which you are awarded with a globally recognised title from a renowned university.


Required application documents:

  • completed and signed application form including a photo
  • proof of school graduation / certificate of access to higher education or an accepted education combined with the pre-module in mathematics or proof of an academic degree depending on the requirements
  • letters of recommendation and certificates
  • copy of passport or identity card

Please submit your application documents to:

Graz University of Technology
Vehicle Safety Institute
c/o Mr. Hermann Steffan, Univ.-Prof. DI Dr.
Inffeldgasse 23/I
8010 Graz
Phone: +43 316 873 30301

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