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Overview: Research at TU Graz

What makes the research culture at TU Graz stand out? A strong emphasis on basic research is combined with cooperations with business and industry. Research findings are incorporated into teaching material. And in turn, students make an important contribution to project success. TU Graz values its staff and students, supporting them with diverse services and an attractive infrastructure. Situated in one of the top research areas in Europe, the University City of Graz offers a lively research environment.

Services for Researchers

Which services does TU Graz provide for researchers? What infrastructure, tenders and funding are available? What support does TU Graz provide for project management and administration? Here you can find out about Services for Researchers.

Research Cooperation Ventures

Who does TU Graz cooperate with in research, making it possible to achieve more? For information, see Research Cooperation Ventures.

Doctoral Schools

In which focus areas do doctoral students at TU Graz undertake research in the Doctoral Schools? Find out on the page Doctoral Schools.

TU Graz Research Portal

This portal showcases the scholarly expertise of the researchers at TU Graz. TU Graz Research Portal

TU Graz research

  • is interdisciplinary and international
  • is part of cooperation ventures between science and business
  • breaks new ground in basic research
  • focusses on key aspects of the 5 Fields of Expertise
  • focusses on acquiring third-party funds
  • results in the successful foundation of start-ups and spin-offs