This online platform is addressed to reserches wishing to include sex, gender and diversity aspects in their research and who are exploring options for implementing different sex, gender and diversity dimensions in their research designs.

To be able to develop a research design that is sensitive to sex, gender and diversity aspects, it is necessary to assess whether a proposal includes any such aspects and what this would signify for the overall research process as well as the project results. Expanding the focus of research an tackling new research questions carries an enormus potential for innovation: by expanding or reformulating reseach questions, researchers are able to leave the trodden paths of research and are thus offered a chance for producing new findings.

For many researchers, the integration of such aspects is quite novel, even though first practice examples are already available at Medical University of Graz an Graz University of Technology. The aim of this plattform, provided by the two universities to its researchers, is to make such practice examples visible. [

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