E-Learning at TU Graz - a historical review

At TU Graz technology enhanced learning, in brief e-learning, was driven by individual efforts over years. To bundle up those activities was the central idea of the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, the Office for Life Long Learning, the Institute of Information Systems and Computer Media as well as the IT Services.

On September the 1st 2006 the working team "Social Learning" was established as new service of the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and as part of the IT-Services. This organizational embedding enables synergies and an enhancement of the established IT-Services.

On base of good progression the working group was turned into an own department at IT-Services under the head of Dr. Martin Ebner in 2008. Focus of Dr. Ebner was to sustainably establish net-based and communication-driven teaching and learning at TU Graz where it is needed and didactically meaningful. To encourage students individuality and distribute all information required to ensure an excellenteducational standard are as well part of the overall concept. As a result of the good cooperation with the TUGRAZonline team an own platform for teachers has been set up, the TU Graz TeachCenter, as well as a students platform called TU Graz LearnLand complementing each other. Furthermore it was possible to build up a service for the recording of lectures. Apart from regular studies also courses of the Life Long Learning program and special projects with individual teachers and institutes were carried out with expertise and practical know-how.

The Department for Social Learning therefore was to be seen as a center for all concerns of technology enhanced learning. On January the 1st the department has been turned into an own organisational unit of the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs. It is now called "TU Graz Educational Technology".

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