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Recording and publishing of recorded lectures has been a free of charge service since 2006.

All recordings can be watched on the video-portal of TU Graz, called "TUBe", even though if they only can be reached over a link within the platform TU Graz TeachCenter:

Starting with term 2008/09 the recording service had been extended with a streaming service, that has enjoyed a textbased search since 2011 and interactivity since 2012. Even more, since term 2012/13 some lecture rooms have been set up with an automated recording functionality. More relevant information you find following the go-link:

The subject recording-services has had an initiating effect on the founding of iUNIg, the "Interuniversitären Initiative für Neue Medien Graz", a stakeholders group with delegates from styrian universities. iUNIg focuses on the knowledge sharing and clustering of activities in the expertise of e-learning.

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TU4U - Linking

Teacher and students of TU Graz find further information about TUBe - Recording- and Streamingservices on TU4U, the Intranet of TU Graz: 

TUBe - Recording- and Streamingservices on TU4U
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