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Supporting LLL

"TU Graz Life Long Learning provides an extensive programme for continuing education in the fields of technology and the natural sciences. Working together with national and international cooperation partners, Life Long Learning responds to current needs and developments in industry, providing relevant continuing education options." (from TU Graz Life Long Learning Homepage, July 2017)

To meet the requirements for lifelong learing at TU Graz the office "TU Graz Life Long Learning" has been established in November 2005. TU Graz Life Long Learning brings together TU Graz and external partners from industry and economy. You can enroll for master and doctoral programs, university courses, trainings and seminars. The target group focuses on:

  • Graduates of degrees in a technical subject or the natural sciences
  • Skilled workers with relevant training and professional experience
  • Companies in commerce and industry

Our cooperation with TU Graz Life Ling Learning concentrates on the management of TU Graz TeachCenter courses and on consultant activities to ensure an optimize realisation of the courses offered.

Especially the field of lifelong learning facilitates possibilities to implement e-learning methods such as distance learning; it is a forward-looking and trendsetting enrichment to classroom teaching.

For further information visit TU Graz Life Long Learning:
TU Graz Life Long Learning

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