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TU Graz TeachCenter

TU Graz TeachCenter is a webbased learningmanagement system (LMS) that has supported digital teaching at TU Graz since 2007. The first version of the backend bases on the e-learning system called WBTmaster that had been developed and used at the Institute of Information Systems and Computer Media for many years before 2007. In 2017 the WBTmaster was followed by the worlds most used learningmanagement system "Moodle". The advantage of Moodle is it´s worldwide community and thus it´s exchangeability and communication with other partners using Moodle. Central modules such as up- and download areas for teacher and student documents, multimedia and e-books are standards just like interactive elements (multiple choice test, file sharing, check-lists ...) and common communicational possibilities (forum, newsgroup, e-mail ...). The integration of interactive elements has become indispensable and is constantly enhanced. Administrativ information and data (enrolled users, lecture dates ...) are directly imported and displayed from TUGRAZonline system (the information management system of TU Graz). In the meaning of good usability, this ensures users an easy handling of both platforms by single-sign-on. Apart from courses to enroll TU Graz TeachCenter offers a number of open online courses.

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