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iMooX - Free Education for All!

iMooX is a cooperation project of Graz University and Graz University of Technology. iMoox is an online platform that offers education for all. As so called MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) these internet courses provide thematical content such as for social media, physics or open educational resources. New courses are launched every term. iMoox aims to make university and common content available to a broader public in the sense of lifelong learning. Enroll today!

The platform exckusively provides open educational ressources in base of the creative common license standards. That´s why you may use any content of iMoox for your personal teaching and learnign regardless to copyright restrictions.

Even more, the so called MOOChub joins together different university MOOC-platforms. Each partner of the MOOChub links to all courses of the other partners.

And did you know, that iMooX enjoys UNESCO patronage! As the organisation of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO has focused on Education for All till the end of 2015.

Here is where to find all information on iMooX and all courses:

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