Scientific Management

Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.  Reinhard Braunstingl

(Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Graz University of Technology in 1991) is a professor at the Graz University of Technology, as well as head of the Flight Simulation Research Platform. He has been working on the development of software for glass cockpit avionics components and certified flight simulators for more than 20 years. In addition he is an experienced pilot, flight instructor and flight examiner. In 2009 he was the Austrian National Aerobatics Champion in the Sportsman Category.

Human Factors

Dr. Ioana Koglbauer

(Ph.D. in psychology in 2009) is a lecturer and researcher at the Graz University of Technology. She is a pilot, aviation psychologist and human factors consultant for industrial human-machine systems. She has experience in the design and the evaluation of glass cockpit systems, navigation and collision avoidance devices, and cockpit automation.


Ing. Helmut Siegl

Open Flightmaps

Oliver Vorderegger

Study assistant

Stefan Türtscher