Light Aircraft

Light aircraft simulator

The light aircraft simulator uses the same simulation software architecture as the widebody simulator and thus, has access to all data needed by a modern avionics system. It has a generic side-by-side cockpit of a light aircraft with genuine controls. It is equipped with a three-tube glass cockpit, which is becoming standard in today´s small aircraft, too. The avionics consists of two primary flight displays and one central multi function display with moving map function. Two radio control heads are located between the PFDs and the MFD, while the radio management units are integrated in the MFD (and PFD in case of MFD failure). Below the glareshield a mode control panel is installed, that allows programming vertical and lateral modes of the flight director and autopilot control. The center console offers room for installation of a standard-mount flight management system.

The small aircraft simulator includes also a spin model that has been tuned to match the normal upright spin characteristics of a Pitts S2-B aircraft whose kinematic data were recorded during spins. The simulator together with a real aircraft was used then in a research project on unusual attitude and spin recovery training of low-time pilots.


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