Siemens TAPAS Community Challenge

Das erste TAPAS ist an der TU Graz eingetroffen, es freuen sich Dr. Simon Mayer mit seinem Team Amer Kajmakovic, Leo Botler und Daniel Kraus


 TAPAS Challenge

“We believe that “Software Defined Inverters” (SDIs) are the future of power converters. They achieve universality with a single, fixed piece of hardware where the overall functionality is defined via software (changes) only. Do you have what it takes? Join the TAPAS community challenge!”

•  Tell us your idea NOW
•  Get selected and order a TAPAS Board for free

•  Realize your project, convince us with your results until 13.06.18 and win a spot in the group of finalists
•  Pitch your idea at a conference in Erlangen Nuremberg on 27.07.18 and win 5000 EUR

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