30th november 2016 - Breakfast with Prof. Horst Bischof (CKI Direktor) and the "Siemens-Klasse"
Rooftop Mia Mason Stremeyergasse, Graz

8th june 2016 - PODIUMSDISKUSSION: BRENNSTOFFZELLE 4.0 - Antriebstechnologie der Zukunft
Das Programm können Sie hier herunterladen.

Das Programm können Sie hier herunterladen.

16th june 2016 - Städteplanung und Smart City - eine mehrdimensionale Herausforderung
19.00 Uhr TU Graz, Rechbauerstrasse 12
Das Programm können Sie hier herunterladen.

19. Mai 2016 - 1st CKI Conference TU Garz

Research topics include railway engineering, image processing, software technology, communication networks and transformers. In May 2016, the first CKI conference took place at TU Graz. Representatives from Siemens Mobility, Energy Management and Corporate Technology as well as scientists from the university gave an insight into their research projects, innovation initiatives and success models for entrepreneurship. Besides, the conference offered an opportunity to get in touch with expert colleagues and generate new research ideas.

Prof. Horst Bischof, Vice Rector of the university and at the same time CKI Director, shares his recipe for the collaboration with Siemens: “Large corporations often have the problem that radically innovative ideas are not easy to implement within the company. Therefore, it makes sense to enter into partnerships or joint ventures. This is where the objectives of a large corporation converge with those of a large university. Siemens can reapply the basic principles we are developing in their own projects. In that sense everything fits perfectly together.” What makes the CKI model so attractive to him is the fact that projects can be planned and executed quickly. Thanks to the legal framework and a mutual trust, the experts on both sides can focus completely on the topic at hand.

Picture left (from left to right): Prof. Harald Kainz (Rector of TU Graz), Christine Schichler (CKI Manager TU Graz), Natascha Eckert (Siemens University Relations), Prof. Horst Bischof (Vice Rector of TU Graz) (Source: Lunghammer - TU Graz)

Picture middle: Welcome

Picture right (from left to right): Prof. Harald Kainz, Prof. Horst Bischof, Jürgen Schlaht (Siemens Mobility Mainline Transport), Christine Schichler, Natascha Eckert (Source: Lunghammer - TU Graz)