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Research Area

The main core research area of the VSI covers the following areas:

Accident Research

3D accident simulation
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  • Real accident analysis with the ZEDATU – Central Database Central Database for in-depth analysis of road accidents
  • Investigation and analysis of accidents with focus on traffic
  • Development of measures to reduce accidents
  • Target-settings for the development of future safety strategies
  • Effectiveness estimation of future safety systems, respective infrastructure and vehicles
  • Analysis of the „elderly“ population and effects on vehicle safety

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  • Consequence analysis of accidents concerning humans
  • Analysis of injury mechanisms as base for the development of safety systems
  • Enhancement of virtual dummies → Human Models 

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Safety of Electric Vehicles

Solar powered bus
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  • Estimation of the hazard potential of high voltage engines in crash situations
  • Detailed analysis of the mechanisms in high voltage battery cells under crash forces
  • Safe integration of high voltage battery engines in vehicles
  • Analysis of possible critical load cases for electric vehicles

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Integrated Safety

Crash test simulation
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  • Integrated accretion - active and passive safety →Development of new strategies of accident avoidance and dilution of accident aftermath
  • Potential estimation of integrated safety concepts
  • Development of system requirements of active safety concepts

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Regulation and Standards

Dummy family of the VSI
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  • Development of new intelligent methods in the area of vehicle safety
  • Development of simple tools for principle analysis’
  • Development of methods to secure concepts virtually or rather to enhance them 

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Testing and Verification

  • Detection of validation data for numeric simulations
  • Arranging of complete crash experiments
  • Development of innovative accretions for certain and competitive Checking- and experiment techniques
  • Development of novel test prospects
  • Testing according to EN 1317 and EN 12767

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