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Central Database for in-depth analysis of road accidents

2004 the project ZEDATU - Central Database for in-depth analysis of road accidents [abbr. in German] with analysis of possibilities to avoid crashes at the Austrian road safety fund has been started.  At the moment the main focus is the analysis of car accidents with fatalities.

The big difference to the national statistics is the complete accident reconstruction of every accident with the accident reconstruction program PC CRASH. This provides accident parameters like, for example, start- and collision velocity of the involved vehicles, trajectory, reaction point, etc. for an analysis. According to the information content of the accident data, up to 800 data arrays can be used for an analysis. Data of the involved, vehicles, and infrastructure are available.

In this project, a road accident database has been developed, which is based on the so-called STAIRS protocol (Standardisation of Accident and Injury Registration Systems). The STAIRS protocol was created in the correspondent EU-project and describes the data which is necessary to collect for the injury analysis of passengers. An essential point too was the comprehension of data arrays of the ministerial accident statistic, by what an Austrian-specific analysis by connection of the accident type of the accident counting sheets is possible.

Based on the results of the EU-projects PENDANT (Pan-European Co-ordinated Accident and Injury Databases) and ROLLOVER (Improvement of rollover safety for passenger vehicles), the database has been complemented by additional data arrays. Also, additional data arrays of the EU-project RISER (Roadside Infrastructure for Safer European Roads) have been added for the codification of the infrastructure.  By a matrix of accident causations, which contains risk factors of humans, vehicles, Infrastructure as well as light – and weather conditions, a systematic analysis of accident causations is possible. The accident risks and accident causation factors are subdivided in main groups, subassembly groups and detail groups. Altogether, over 90 possible risk factors and accident causations are available, which can be assigned to the involved.

By dint of this database, it’s possible for the VSI to derive important findings as well as boundary conditions for current research projectsFor instance, it’s possible to check the effectiveness of miscellaneous infrastructures and vehicle safety technical measures impartial, which is going to be necessary for very complex technologies and measures in present and in future.

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