Projects during your bachelor's degree

Standard-Bachelor-Project "SIWABAU"

Based on an actual catchment, which is defined by digital cadastral data and areal images, the students should design a new water supply and wastewater system for the catchment.

After designing the two systems the students need to dimension them correctly as well as define the necessary altitude of the reservoir. Further, the students need to draw a predefined area as a longitudinal intersection of the water supply and the wastewater system.

To finalize the project the students need to design each a facility of the wastewater and the water supply system as a detailed plan as well as creating a full technical report.

It is possible to work on these projects as a team of two.

The completion of the LV (No. 215.300) Siedlungswasserbau Grundlagen 1 is mandatory. In addition, the LV (No. 215.302) Siedlungswasserbau Grundlagen 2 is also recommended.

Link to an example project

For more information please contact Markus Pichler.

Standard-Bachelor-Project "HYDROLOGY"

The students have to statistically define the maximum water levels yearly for the catchment of a river/creek based on the hydrographic yearbooks. Further they have to design appropriate flood protection measures for a predefined cross-section.

Link to an example project

For more information please contact Evelyn Krall​​​​​​​


These projects include the students in current research projects which should prepare them for future scientific work during their master's degree.


Alternatively the students can also write a technical report on an internship related to urban water management.

If you are interested please contact Markus Pichler.


Daniela Fuchs-Hanusch
Evelyn Krall
Markus Pichler
Albert König
Bettina Neunteufel