University Cours

"Smart neighbourhood development in small and medium-sized cities"

In cooperation with the Department for Spatial planning at the TU Wien and the SIR (Salzburg Institute for Spatial Management and Housing), the Institute for Urban Development in TU Graz has developed a university course which not only offers in-depth information on relevant topics, various field activities of current urban and regional development but also presents examples from practice. There are also opportunities professional exchange with colleagues about their own project ideas.

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Registration Deadline 10th Januar 2019

Main topics and dates:
- February 7th, 2019: Module 1, Public Space (Graz University of Technology)
- February 8th, 2019: Module 2, Mobility (Graz University of Technology)
- April 11th, 2019: Module 3, Interior Development (Graz University of Technology)
- April 12th, 2019: Module 4, Governance (Graz University of Technology)
- May 9th, 2019: Module 5, Energy (Salzburg)
- May 10th, 2019: Module 6, Excursion (Salzburg)
- September 12th, 2019: Module 7, Technical Infrastructure (TU Graz)
- September 13th, 2019: Module 8, degree (TU Graz)

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