Integral Design Studio

Austria's cities are sought-after living spaces because they offer accessibility to supplies and services, education, public infrastructure and cultural offerings. Different lifestyles, cultures and possibilities meet in cities and find their place. Active mobility and the city of short distances are essential criteria for granting all residents access to the social and cultural infrastructures and resources of the city. Functional mix, density and proximity are essential parameters of post-compaction in order to enable efficient use of the urban resource and to offer a high quality of life.
In the "Remise - Mach Mix" project, we are pursuing innovative solutions for a sustainable, dense and robust mix of uses that can be integrated into the urban fabric in the inner city and can create an urban, small-scale district centre for Jakomini.
We will work on the scenarios, collective, metabolism and production and not only rethink the remise architecturally as an object but also weave it into the urban context in its function and networking.

Dr. Eva Schwab / Radostina Radulova-Stahmer

Presentation: 01.10.2019, 13:00-18:00, HS I (ATK1120H)
Registration: 02.10.19 14:00 Uhr

Introduction day Remise - Mach Mix:
08.10.2019, 10:00 - 18:00 o'clock

Office (L1EG010)

Compulsory electives:
145,804 Traffic planning for architects (2SE)
157,811 Living experiments as spatial practice (2 SE)