Integral Design Studio

The Zinzendorfgasse in Graz has an almost village-like character, supported by the historical building ensemble, the small-scale structure of shops and restaurants and the high frequency of students. It is an important connection from the Glacis to the university and (as Schubertstra├če) on to the Hilmteich.
As lively as the street is during the semester, it is empty outside these times. This seasonality is a great challenge for business people and manifests itself in vacancies on the ground floor but also in the apartments.
In order to counter this situation, we are developing a strategy for the seasonal usability of the buildings (e.g. robust ground floor zones, densification through DG extensions, demolition or replacement of buildings at strategically important points, etc.) and a corresponding design of the street, which is to become a Slow Street with urban qualities.
The Zinzengrinsen association and the urban and traffic planning department have taken on the redesign of Zinzendorfgasse and intend to take the first steps from March. Our PUE is part of this process.

Dr. Eva Schwab / Radostina Radulova-Stahmer

Mo, 02.03.2020 1.00pm HS I

Tue, 03.03.2020 2.00pm

Masterstudio (ATDG092)