Workshop 1

Graz's Schlögelgasse forms an important link between Kaiser-Josef-Platz and Dietrichsteinplatz. It is structurally divided into two parts: On the one hand, the busy street in the direction of Glacisstraße and on the other hand, the quiet alley that leads to the south-east of Kaiser-Josef-Platz.  During the situation caused by Covid-19, vendors with their market stalls moved into the alley to ensure the necessary minimum distance. This temporary extension of the square made the full potential of the location visible.
In Workshop 1, with the help of the book "Traffic Space = Public Space - A Handbook for Transformation", the Schlögelgasse and its surroundings will be analysed with regard to the themes mentioned in the book - linking, participation, revitalisation of the local economy, sharing space, metabolism and simple aesthetics.
The analysis serves as a basis for concepts that consider social and sustainable aspects and develop spatial (re)design in chronological sequences. The aim is to develop designs that show flexible spatial solutions that take their surroundings into account and communicate with them. As a result, spatial visions in the form of pictographic design plans and perspective representations are to be developed.
The course will be digital, but if the weather situation is suitable, the planning area will be visited in small groups.

Anna Maria Bagaric

01.10.2020 09.00 a.m. untill 09.10.2020 11.59 p.m.

Workshop: virtual teaching room
23.11.2020 – 27.11.2020 09.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.