Based on the contents of the courses Design 1 to 3, the course Design 4, which represents a significant part of the Bachelor's thesis, deals with a task with an increased degree of complexity. A large-scale context with superimposed urban issues and challenges will be used to practice spatial thinking and design in multidimensional urban contexts. The implementation of strategic decisions and urban space requirements in the design and detailed urban space design is part of the design exercise. The aim is to deepen the urban planning experience and to further develop the design methodology and the presentation technique. Within the framework of the planographic and verbal presentation, skills in the presentation and communication of urban development projects are acquired.

Design 4

Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world with a very special topograpy and an extreme expensive housing market.
Although the system of social housing in Hong Kong is well established the waiting list for flats is several years long which makes the situation for people in need of a subsidised flat very difficult.
The design 4 project is focusing on the design of a new community center with temporary housing facilities for an existing public housing estate in Hongkong.
We will discuss the exact brief and start with the design during a workshop at the Chinese University in Hong Kong from the 27th of March to the 6th of April.
After the inital workshop we will finish our design project within the Summersemester 2020 in Graz.
The Chinese Students and Teacher will visit Graz in May and we will have an interim crit with them.
The course will be held in German and English as required.

Ass.-Prof. Wolfgang Dokonal


until Thu, 07.02.2020

Exkursion to Hongkong:
27.03.2020 until 06.04.2020