The Institute for Urbanism appreciates a vivid research work. The research team “URBA Graz” mobilizes multidisciplinary knowledge concerning current territorial, spatial, functional and organizational issues in Graz, its surrounding regions and furthermore.

"URBA Graz" is a "think tank" that combines research and design, in order to create a more sustainable environment. The focus of "URBA Graz" is on sustainable urban development, the conception of the public space and mobility.

All topics are worked out in a future oriented sense of urban and regional development. The spatial scale ranges from the region, the city, the district, the city quarter to the neighborhood, with humans always at the center of urban activities. 

"URBA Graz" is working on following research fields:

  • Public Space
  • Sustainable urban development
  • Spatial research
  • urban development processes
  • Mobility and Transit Oriented Development (TOD)
  • Monitoring and evaluation of city(district)developments and -processes according to qualitative and quantitative criteria
  • Territorial justice
  • Urbanism and information technology

In interdisciplinary cooperation, the integration of following topics can take place: sustainable ecology, energy efficiency, resources, urban technologies and urban systems in urban planning and development processes

Special emphasis is placed on an interdisciplinary, inter-institutional, and inter-university collaboration, with committed people from the realms of research, business, administration, politics and civil society.

Results are disseminated through international publications, as well as by means of participation in national and international conferences.