networking qualities | using gaps

Within the city of Gleisdorf one can locate several special kinds of „centers“ building a circle. One of course is the historic centre of the town with the Stadtpfarrkirche, the Hauptplatz and the local authority. The next one would be the busstation. - One of Gleisdorfs mobility centers with its newly designed square, which is located very closely to the historic center. Another 3 minutes walk from there brings you to the next - the „green center“ of Gleisdorf, the „Stadtpark“. From there another 4 minutes walk brings you to the biggest mobility center - the trainstation, which at the moment does not use its potential at all. The last center to close the circle could in fact become a „double center“. First of all it already is a shopping center not only for Gleisdorf but also for many surrounding villages.

Besides this exremely important function it also holds enormous potential to become as well a mobility center, as it is located directly at the „Westbahnhof“ - a potential future well used multimodal commuters station.

Closing this circle of centers and connceting it to the outer circle of smaller centers like the „Wellenbad“ in the north, the school area in the north-east, the „Dieselkino“ in the east and the „Hundewiese“ and „Urschaberg“ in the south builds the strategic framework to strengthen bike- and walking-mobility withing Gleisdorf. In addition through strengthening the centers in long term functional and building developements Gleisdorf will be an even more attractive place for working as well as living, offering its inhabitants everything they need in walkable distance while also giving them the possibility to reach the surroundings (especially Graz) easy, fast and with gentle mobility.

Some parts of the new network such as the historic center, the busstation, the connection along the Stadtpark as well as the Stadtpark itself already are very attractive and quite suitable for a future „gentle mobility Gleisdorf“. To reach their full potential they would only need some small interventions like clearer markings for bikers or a renewal of the ground surface.

However other parts such as the Westbahnhof and its connection to the main station as well as the station itself still have a „long way to go“ to become a high quality public space.

Because of this we decided to make a proposal for the main station and its surroundings. The proposal includes a way of strengthening the quality of the trainstation, the creation of a high quality public space and a possible building developement.

The public space represents the cities function as a city of shopping and leisure and the locations function as the number one mobility center for Gleisdorf and for the surrounding smaller villages and their connection to Graz.

The building developement „living at the transition“ offers a way of consolidation in an area with enormous potential for gentle mobility and urban infrastructure.