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The municipality of Wolfsberg has always been an important trade and traffic junction. Nevertheless, like so many medium-sized and small towns in Austria and Europe, it has to struggle with the so-called donut effect. Although it is the district capital of the district of the same name and is home to around 25,000 inhabitants in Carinthia and also performs important supply functions for its surrounding communities, many shops and residential buildings in the historic centre are empty and the public spaces in the city centre are mainly used as parking areas for cars.
Individual projects in recent years have already shown that it is possible to revitalise the city centre in Wolfsberg. However, while they have mostly been limited to the eastern half of the old town (the "Upper Town"), we will develop a strategy for the entire city centre in the Master Studio. In close cooperation with the Mayor's Office of the City of Wolfsberg and the Graz architectural office balloon architekten, we will research the potential of the city and plan a concept for the revitalisation of the city centre of Wolfsberg and the redesign of the network of public spaces as well as the connection with the surrounding communities.

Prof. Degros Aglaée / Bauer Sabine

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01.10.2019 1.00 pm, HS I

02.10.2019 2.00 pm

Degros/Bauer Masterstudio ATDG092

15. und 16.10.2019, Wolfsberg

Guest Citcs:
Arch. Grégoire Houyet, Atelier 229 architectes

Compulsory electives:
145.811 Urban infrastructure
706.502 The Bike: History-Innovation-Mobility

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