Urban technologies (information and communication technologies ICT) are used worldwide in cities to meet current challenges such as urbanisation, global warming, pollution and scarcity of resources. Against the background of global digital and technological trends of the last two decades, this seminar will discuss spatial conditions and spatial transformations in public space at the neighbourhood level.

The aim is to identify spatial delays of digital technologies in the urban environment, such as postal logistics or progressive Car-Sharing possibilities, and to develop design principles for smart spaces.

Fifteen urban smart city projects with a focus on the key areas of mobility and environment will be investigated. All Smart-City projects include technologies implemented in dense urban areas.

Prof. AglaƩe Degros
Radostina Radulova-Stahmer


7.3.2018, 09: 00-12: 00
SR Architecture 098 (AT01098)

from 12.2. 2018 - 8.3.2018 on TUGRAZonline