Building on the fundamentals of urban planning taught in the bachelor's program, the master's program deepens knowledge - especially in current problem areas - and supports the acquisition of experience in urban planning on the basis of comprehensive and complex tasks.The compulsory lecture Urban Planning provides a broad and in-depth overview of current developments in urban planning and applied implementation strategies in a national and international context.In the studios, the interdisciplinarity that characterizes urban planning is ensured by the obligatory coupling with project- or problem-related specialization subjects and the project exercises. Thus, an optimal bundling of problem-solving strategies, planning methods and in-depth experience concerning project presentation and expertise is achieved in an exemplary area of ​​emphasis.In addition to the courses in the compulsory subject area, interested students will be able to deepen their knowledge of specific topics such as theory, research, history, digital city models, current international developments, local and supra-regional spatial planning, infrastructure, traffic, geodata, sociology, etc., through a selection of seminars and lectures are offered.

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Master Studio

Designing in the master's program is basically carried out in the form of a "studio", in which the design project is combined with and supported by elective subjects that are tailored to the task. The students will be offered a special specialization in current fields of knowledge.Basically, the Institute of Urban Development offers two main topics:1. the planning of neighborhoods or urban districts, with the focus on restructuring of urban transformation areas or areas for urban expansion. The formation of transport networks, the disposition of different uses and the conception of urban spatial quality in the sense of a sustainable urban development form the essential teaching objectives.2. the design of urban space situations in the context of emphasis on additions and reinterpretation of existing or future urban spaces. The quality of the public space in its shape as well as its design ("Civic Design") form the focal points.

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Urban Planning

Urban and regional development