Island of Resilience

New neighbourhood developments must be future-proof and trend-setting. Against the background of global warming, this urban development task is more urgent than ever. In the "Island of Resilience" exercise, we will develop robust and resilient urban concepts and urban development drafts for the 15 ha design area in Gries. A special feature is the location in the immediate vicinity of the Mur and the Mühlgang, which have great potential for a dense blue-green network. The aim is to develop strategic concepts for the development of a sustainable neighbourhood.
Concrete urban planning basics such as development, open space, mass distribution and usage mix are conveyed. Different uses are to create synergies in the resilient quarter (living, working, supply, business) and to introduce design, ecological and social aspects into the urban design on different scale levels. Special focus will be placed on the threshold space between inside and outside (public and private open spaces). It is important to understand urban spaces as part of larger ecological and social contexts and to think of them as systems.

Academic Stuff:
Martina Majcen
Radostina Radulova-Stahmer


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Wed, 6.3.2019
09.00, HS 1

from Wed, 6.3. 2019 from 2pm