In the Bachelor's degree program in Architecture, the essential fundamentals of urban design are taught in support of the design competence. The lecture urban planning offers a comprehensive introduction to the basics and the practice of the department and the urban design.In a design exercise (either Design 2 or 3), which must be completed at the Institute for Urban Development, the contents of the lecture are applied or implemented in a design project with the appropriate support of the teachers. Focal points are the acquisition of an understanding of functional and form-related relationships, the development of spatial qualities and simple methods of designing and presenting urban planning situations on different scales. The curriculum is supplemented by optional elective courses (Workshops 1-3 and Designing 4) that can be chosen by the Städtebau institute, as well as elective electives from the master's program which are recommended as free subjects and can be completed by Bachelor students.

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Electives of Urban Design Institute for Bachelor students

Urban Design

Based on a manageable task basic skills in urban design are taught. The focus is on the functional and design-related inclusion in the physical or urban context, the functional organization of construction areas, the physical structure to achieve external qualities, the development of transport and the representation of urban development projects in plans, spatial representations and models and their verbal explanation.After successful completion of the course, the students are able to develop concepts for simple tasks taking into account the respective context and to implement them in accordance with the functional and design-related requirements in urban planning. The students have a basic vocabulary with which they can argue their work, and have experience in the presentation and presentation of urban planning projects. The course is intended to arouse interest in the complex contexts of the urban context and to address the responsibility of architects for society and the environment.

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Urban Design 1            Urban Design 2           Urban Design 3          Urban Design 4

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At the Institute for Urbanism, workshops 1, 2, 3 deal with urban planning and design-related aspects in relation to Graz and its surroundings in a time-focused process. The tutoring is usually done by international visiting teachers, to show different perspectives and to ensure a view from the outside.

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The lecture is divided into three sections. Based on significant examples from the urban history, on the one hand for the social and urban development essential phenomena, on the other hand their socio-cultural implications are brought closer to the students, in order to arouse understanding for the connections between society, economy and urban structure and their appearance. The second section deals with individual segments of the department such as urban structures and their model concepts, methods and processes of planning, design principles in urban planning, types of physical and social space characters, the problem area of ​​mobility and legal aspects. In the third section, the merging of the individual areas in different planning levels is shown: current examples are presented and discussed, exemplary presentations for the communication of urban planning projects are recommended. The introduction to local spatial planning according to the Styrian legal situation supplements the view of the current tasks of urban planning.

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145.553        Urbanism                                          2                                              VO                             SS

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Electives of the Bachelor Programme

The following master courses are available for bachelor students from the electives offered at the Institute of Urbanism and can be completed as free subjects:

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