Lunch Lecture

The Institute for Urbanism invites to a Lunch Lecture by Katerina Psegiannaki from KUNE Architecture Office in Madrid (Spain).

„In this Lunch Lecture we would like to deepen in the main philosophy of our practice that explores the architectural approaches and interpretations of togetherness.
Our research wants to reinforce forgotten mechanisms, politics and institutions that would transcend 20th century architecture centred on image and monumentality.
Its main purpose is to foster a 21st century architecture and urbanism which emphasizes and revolves around every day synergies, rituals and cooperation, encouraging people to share, connect and collaborate while considering domestic, urban, natural and digital environments as essential extensions of human relationships.“

Katerina Psegiannaki is a PhD Architect teaching Urban Management and Digital Arts in the UCJC University in Madrid. She works as an independent architect in KUNE Office whose main practice focuses on exploring the architectural possibilities of being together. Since 2009 she is a founding member and co-director of HipoTesis magazine.

Katerina Psegiannaki

Where: HS VI
When: 12.00-14.00
Registration until 26.11.2019 at

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