Glycogroup has been established in 1989. Over the years, we have been interested and engaged in a variety of projects involving the synthesis and biological evaluation of glycomimetics including iminosugars, carbasugars, C-glycosyl type glycoconjugates as well as various types of diagnostic compounds and probes.

Since 2005, we (Tanja Wrodnigg, Arnold Stütz) have successfully fostered and managed Glycogroup as a joined venture taking advantage of the synergism of our individual scientific interests and our passion for glycoscience.

Glycogroup is dedicated to high quality research in timely areas of glycosciences. Target-oriented synthetic approaches are driven by our curiosity for the biochemical activities of our glycomimetics. Nonetheless, several projects have also contributed to organic and carbohydrate methodology and mechanistic considerations.

Our international collaborations include a long list of preeminent scientists in their areas who have kindly been adding their expertise to our projects.