Use Case Analysis of V2X Ranging System (HWSW Group)

The communication between cars, other cars and their environment becomes more and more important, considering the rapid advances in driving assistant and autonomous driving systems. Modern cars already contain various devices to measure the distance between them and obstacles (e.g. RADAR, LiDAR, Cameras). Additionally to the already used technologies, the upcoming usage of UWB radios within vehicles offers an extra ranging capability. Using UWB based ranging devices in an V2X environment comes with a range of requirements, considering its security, reliability, and organizing the network of vehicles determining each other’s distance.

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Student Target Groups:

  • Master students in ICE, Computer Engineering ,or SD-BM

Thesis Type:

  • Seminar (Master) Project
  • Master Thesis


The goal of the project is to develop a concept for an UWB based ranging system between two or more vehicles. This includes the system’s requirements and a method to allow the distance measurement in the V2X environment, fulfilling those requirements. To understand the various implications of the requirements on the system and the UWB platform used for the ranging operation, the V2X ranging shall be implemented as an additional use case in an already existing system model. Furthermore, identified optimizations shall be implemented using the existing UWB ranging devices, in a proof-of-concept way. The project / thesis will be conducted in cooperation with NXP Semiconductors Austria.


  • Evaluate the requirements, the V2X environment induces on an UWB based ranging system.
  • Create a concept for this ranging system, considering the determined requirements.
  • Implement this concept as an additional use case in an existing system model and check if the used UWB platform satisfies the requirements.
  • Find potential optimizations for the UWB platform, based on the findings within the system model.
  • Check the feasibility of found potential optimizations.
  • Summarize your findings in a written report.

      Recommended Prior Knowledge:

      • C++, SystemC or interest in learing it, C


        • a.s.a.p.