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Masters Theses - Bachelor Theses - Seminarprojects

ITI members present topics for bachelor and master thesis as well as for seminar/projects during an event at the begin of each semester, where the students can get in touch directly with advisors. All students interested in a thesis or project should participate.

The next presentation takes place on 10.10.2023 at 16:15 (CET) at NXP seminar room

Members of the institute supervise numerous Bachelor Theses (6. Semester, 8-10 ECTS depending on course of study), (Seminar)projects (8/9. Semester, 6-10 ECTS) and Masters Theses (10. Semester, 30 ECTS), predominantly in the courses of study ICE, Electrical Engineering, and Informatics. 1 ECTS equals about 25 working hours. The core of such a project or thesis is independent work in the area "Technical Informatics" (see working group descriptions), which besides literature survey includes
design, implementation, and test of a smaller hardware and/or software project. Also, a report has to be written about the project and the results have to be presented.

A description of the institute and its working groups is also available in form of a booklet.

On the right column you find a list of currently offered topics for such theses, in many cases topics can be "tailored" to a Bachelor Thesis, a Project or a Master Thesis matching the interests of the student. Please approach the supervisor of the topic listed on the web page.

The institute organizes at the begin of each semester an information event where the supervisors briefly introduce their thesis topics, such that interested students can directly and informally discuss with them.

The institute also supervises many theses in collaboration with companies. Please note, however, that companies are not allowed to offer thesis topics themselves. Instead, interested companies should contact the institute and define a thesis topic together with us, which we will then advertise.