Modular and cost efficient end-to-end digitization stack for cross domain application

Digital transformation is a key issue for our society. It enables significant efficiency improvement of existing (business / technical) processes, and open the door to new services and value creation (e.g., Mobility-as-a-service, smart cities). There are, however, two interrelated challenges for the creation of new services:

a. the creation of a consistent technical end-to-end technology stack to sense and pre-process the data, transmit it for (centralized) knowledge generation and generation of service b. the creation of a viable innovative business model and integration of this digitization technology stack into an existing market and technology

Student Target Groups:

Target of this master thesis is the development of a modular and cost efficient end-to-end digitization stack for efficient evaluation of business perspectives;

Thesis Type:

  • Master Thesis

Goals and Tasks:

  • This stack shall comprise - local smart sensing device, e.g., relying on standard components such as Rasperry-Pi, enabling the efficient integration of multiple range of sensors, local processing and connectivity - Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform, relying on standard platforms such as Fiware, enabling the efficient interconnection of different smart sensors - data analytics platforms, relying on standardized and open sources solutions, enabling an efficient post-processing and visualization of the data - a configurator module, enabling to "plug-and-play" the different parts of the stack for efficient "on-purpose" integration - "on-purpose" meaning for a specific market exploration need, finally reducing the effort and invests required to start business exploration and experimentation


  • As soon as possible