MCSmartOS goes ZYNQ (EAS Group)

The ZYNQ® SoC family combines software programmability with hardware programmability. To achieve that, it features an ARM-based processor as well as an Artix-7 or Kintex-7 based FPGA. To enhance functionality of MCSmartOS, this work aims to port the operating system to run on the ARM cores of a MicroZed development board. As MCSmartOS’ kernel is designed to be easily portable, all on-chip peripherals of the SoC must be supported as well.

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Student Target Groups:

  • Information and Computer Engineering (ICE)
  • Computer Science (CS)

Thesis Type:

  • Master‘s Project
  • Master‘s Thesis

Goals and tasks:

  • Setup of ZedBoard toolchain
  • Porting of MCSmartOS to ZYNQ-7020
  • Creation of test application

Recommended Prior Knowledge:

  • C/C++
  • Real-time operating systems


  • As soon as possible