MacGyver Projects

Our MacGyver projects are about experimenting, exploring topics that don't fit anywhere else, and giving the opportunity to implement great ideas. You can choose something from the suggested ideas, or you can bring in your own idea that we can work on together.

It's about tinkering, trying and experimenting to test the limits of what's feasible, or doing a feasibility study where a demonstrator comes out as a result. There is no limit to the students' imagination, as long as it has something to do with IoT. We are happy to support students in the choice of topics.

Research Area:

  • Industrial Informatics
  • Smart Systems

Thesis Type

  • IT-Project / Project / Seminar
  • BSc Thesis
  • Master Thesis

Goals and Tasks

  • Automotive Cyber Security: Hack a motorcycle dashboard -
  • Automotive Cyber Security: Hack a blue-tooth stack implementation Automotive -
  • Cyber Security: Hack a car, Hack some IoT device, break encryptions -
  • Machine Learning/AI for Self-Driving Cars: Build (an AI-driven) self-driving toy car
  • Machine Learning/AI in Dependable Systems: Use your knowledge of AI for increasing safety and security of dependable systems.
  • Home Automation: Create some crazy home automation with IoT
  • Home Automation: Develop an IoT-cat-sitter system (Food and water spender)
  • WAP (“Wild-and-Provocative”) Digitalization Project: Build a hardware demonstrator of your interest that evaluates/improves/changes/enhances the current state of industry practice and science.

Required Prior Knowledge

  • Most important: Interest for the topic!
  • Required: The willingness to get involved in a difficult topic and to spend a lot of time on it (perseverance and tenacity!)
  • Beneficial: Have a maker-attitude. Wanting to actually make your hands dirty and create something great.




6-12 months