In-car onboard sensing system

Within production vehicles that are already operating in the field, a multitude of sensors are deployed and used. These sensors provide information about the state of specific components to ECU/EPUs which consecutively use this information to control vehicle aspects and provide driver assistance.

Within this project a prototypical onboard measurement hardware will be developed, which can be instantiated in cars and continuously provides data for futher processing. To realize the onboard measurement within this project, COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) technology will be used which allows to capture data during operation either via integrated sensors on the devices themselves or by connecting to the vehicle bus.

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Student Target Groups:

  • Students in ICE/Telematics and Comp. Science.

Thesis Type:

  • Master Project / Student Assistant.

Required Prior Knowledge:

  • Programming skills in C++, Python, Golang
  • Interest in industrial IoT
  • Interested in RF technology
  • Experience with IoT device integration

Goals and Tasks:

  • Develop onboard vehicle measurement hardware
  • Implement and test concept in a real world demonstrator


  • As soon as possible