Evaluation of Monitor Mode Capabilities in different Wi-Fi Cards

This purpose of this project is to benchmark capabilities of monitor mode in different Wi-Fi chips. In monitor mode, all the traffic on the wireless channel can be captured without being associated to an access point and packet injection is also possible in many cases. Since the firmware of Wi-Fi chips is usually closed source and since basic functions like sending and receiving frames and controlling rate/modulation scheme is done by the physical layer, monitor mode provides a breakthrough as it allows us to control these from user space. The outcomes of this work would be of great contribution to the community and can serve as a basis for future research on wireless networking.

Thesis Type:

  • Master Project/Master Thesis/BSc Thesis


Goal and Tasks:

  • Benchmark the capabilities of monitor mode in Wi-Fi chip variants such as MT76xx, RTL88xx, AX200, and others
  • Evaluate and test parameters such as achievable throughput, range of operation, latency in transmission and reception, and other features.

Recommended Prior Knowledge:

  • Good programming skills (e.g., in Python and/or C)
  • Good knowledge of Linux operating system
  • Good knowledge of embedded systems
  • Experience in porting drivers is desirable


  • As soon as possible.

Duration in months:

  • 3-6 months (depending on type of project/thesis)